HV Testing Technician – Level 2

SOLV Energy, LLC
Remote friendly (San Diego CA Renewable Group United States of America)

SOLV Energy is an engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and solar services provider for utility solar, high voltage substation and energy storage markets across North America.

Job Description Summary:

The HV Testing Technician – Level 2 will manage testing, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair activities in both substations and PV facilities.

Job Description:

*This job description reflects management's assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned

Position Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Stresses the importance that safety is the most important function, ensuring that all employees follow safe practices while working

  • Able to perform all essential Testing Technician I job responsibilities

  • Direct and supervise site testing, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting as directed by management

  • Perform site testing, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and energized electrical work strictly adhering to company and industry safety standards

  • Perform maintenance in accordance with company directives or authorized service documents

  • Ensure a safe working environment through strict adherence to and enforcement of company and industry safety standards

  • Understand, follow and communicate safety regulations and work procedures

  • Supervise, provide ongoing training and certify Testing Technician Level I employees

  • Prepare timely and accurate documentation and required reports

  • Complete other responsibilities as assigned

  • Complete a job with the assistance of Technicians and Trainees

  • Assemble, write, and review a complete test report of the work that they performed or supervised

  • Handle multiple jobs simultaneously

  • Lead and assist in developing technical/safety policy and procedures and be able to write Standard Operating Procedures

  • Ability to assess other technicians in both safety and technical skill sets

  • Communicate effectively with clients, vendors, and teammates

  • Uphold diversity and inclusion as an unconscious part of SOLV Energy culture.

Objectives or Goals to Measure Performance:

  • Adherence to Company policies and procedures

  • Excellent attendance and punctuality

  • Understanding of and adherence to safety and quality procedures and practices

  • Customer/Client satisfaction

  • Demonstrate proper and safe operation of various equipment

  • Demonstrate knowledge of NETA Standards

  • Improved personal professional growth and education

Minimum Skills or Experience Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or equivalent

  • Minimum four years of experience in substation testing, maintenance and repair

  • Work towards a C-10 contractor’s license or a Certified Electrical Worker Card

  • Ability to travel 75% of time

  • Ability to troubleshoot network and telemetry issues

  • Valid OSHA 30 certification

  • Valid NFPA 70e Safety Training certification or equivalent

  • Valid Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) certification

  • Ability to pass an exam on international and domestic electrical schematics and symbols

  • Ability to pass an exam on electrical troubleshooting

  • Ability to pass an exam on reading and interpreting hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams

  • California Oil Producers – Passport Training

  • H2S Training/SCBA Awareness

  • Knowledge of NETA Acceptance and Maintenance Testing Specifications

  • Electrical Testing Standard Operating Procedures

  • Complete commissioning of most relay and metering systems

  • Troubleshoot and repair all apparatus and their associated systems

  • Successfully complete the startup of any substation, including generation and line protection circuits, both primary, control and communication

  • Able to complete a job with the assistance of Technicians and Trainees. The jobs should include any component and systems up to and including a small load substation, including relays and meters

  • Familiar with implementation of engineering studies

  • Perform load disturbance and other power quality studies using a variety to recording equipment

  • Able to review a single element relay circuits for adequacy, and troubleshoot simple relay and metering circuits

  • Demonstrated ability to recognize work hazards and mitigate using proper tools and procedures

  • Demonstrated ability to work alone and safety under any conditions

  • Effective computer operation skills and ability to operate system testing applications

  • Effective verbal and written English language communication skills

  • Effective organizational skills

  • Ability to work at remote locations in extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, inclement weather)

  • Ability to work on an “on call” basis (may include weekends or after-hours situations)

  • Valid driver’s license, satisfactory driving record and ability to operate company vehicle

  • Health and Safety Plan

  • Illness and Injury Prevention Plan

  • Electrical Safety Plan

  • Confined Space – Entrant/Attendant/Supervisor

  • CPR/First Aid training

Proper/safe operation and selection of the following equipment, as well as use a computer to do the following tests:

  • Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

  • Ground Rod Tester

  • Ground Megger

  • Digital Timer

  • MS-2 Motor Overload Test Set

  • 5kV/10kV Megger

  • Battery Impedance Test Equipment

  • Fluke 89 Digital Multimeter

  • 1kV Megger

  • AC/DC/VLF Hypot

  • Oil Test Set

  • Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

  • Transformer Low Resistance Ohmmeter

  • Omicron CPC100/TD1 Primary Test System

  • Circuit Breaker Time Travel Analyzer

  • Comprehensive Current Transformer Test Set

  • High Current Primary Injection Circuit Breaker Test Set

  • Basic Relay Test Set

  • Recloser Test Set

  • Advanced Relay Test Set with computer control

  • Perform Transformer Power Factor Test using the Primary Test Manager, this would include power factor, excitation, short circuit impedance, primary and secondary winding resistance, turns ratio testing and load tap changer assessment.

  • Perform a time/travel analysis using the Circuit Breaker Time Travel Analyzer. This would include the setup of a new test, proper execution of the test, the saving, printing and reviewing of the test. The Technician would need to be able to create and save a test plan.

  • Perform a complete test of a current transformer using the computer to control the Comprehensive Current Transformer Test Set.

  • Perform transformer testing using the computer to control various pieces of test equipment that can be controlled via computer.

  • Enter test data into the test report software.

  • Use the common relay software to communicate with relays. This would include being able to download/upload settings, maintain/create a relay archive, and manipulate the relay for testing

Should be able to test the following equipment per NETA standards:

  • Control Power Transformers

  • Potential Transformers

  • Single Phase Pole Top Transformers

  • Distribution transformers – Dry and Oil-Filled

  • Unit Substation Transformers

  • Power Transformers

  • Low Voltage Molded Case Circuit Breakers equipped with Thermal/Magnetic Trip Units.

  • Low Voltage Air Frame Circuit Breakers, except complex trip units.

  • Medium Voltage Air Frame Circuit Breakers

  • Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers

  • High Voltage Oil Circuit Breakers

  • High Voltage SF6 Gas Circuit Breakers

  • High Voltage Minimum Volume Oil Circuit Breakers

  • High Voltage Circuit Switchers

  • Low and Medium Voltage Contactors

  • Motors

  • Generators

  • Current Transformers

  • Load Type Switchgear

  • Ground Fault Systems

  • Fused and Non-Fused Disconnect Switches

  • Low and Medium Voltage Cables

  • Electro-Mechanical and Simple Solid-State Single Function Relays

  • Solid-State LSIG trip units found on Low Voltage Air Frame Circuit Breakers

  • Recloser Controls, such as Form 3A, 4A, and 4C.

  • Test Calibrate simple analog indicating meters.

  • Solid-State multi-function relays.

  • Solid-State multi-function meters.

  • Electro-Mechanical kilowatt/KVAR hour meters.

  • Complex analog indicating meters

  • Molded case circuit breakers equipped with thermal/magnetic and instantaneous trip units

  • Perform diagnostic testing on transformers and can analyze oil sample reports for a transformer

  • Troubleshoot electrically operated circuit breakers, without regard to the mechanical operating system

And learn to test the following equipment

  • Electro-Mechanical and Simple Solid-State Over Current Relays

  • Electro-Mechanical and Simple Solid-State Over and Under Voltage Relays

  • Electro-Mechanical and Simple Solid-State Frequency Relays

  • Electro-Mechanical and Simple Solid-State Reverse Power Relays

  • Electro-Mechanical and Simple Solid-State Transformer Differential Relays

  • Solid-State LSIG trip units found on Low Voltage Air Frame Circuit Breakers

  • Recloser Controls, such as Form 3A, 4A, and 4C

  • Test Calibrate simple analog indicating meters

Physical Demands and Environmental Conditions:

  • Occasional exposure to weather, harsh outdoor environment, vibration, dust and fumes, electric shock, radiation, toxic/caustic chemicals

  • Requires frequent stooping/bending/crouching, reaching, handling, finger dexterity, sitting, standing, walking, and lifting 50 or more lbs.

  • Constant finger dexterity and ability to see details at close range and at a distance, hear, and talk, and possess depth perception

  • Occasional climbing and carrying, proximity to moving mechanical parts, working in high, exposed, or difficult to access places

  • The noise intensity level may be high

  • Working on or near lifts and other machines

  • Working near medium and high voltage

SOLV Energy Is an Equal Opportunity Employer

At SOLV Energy we celebrate the power of our differences. We are committed to building diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces that improve our communities. SOLV Energy prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind against an employee or applicant based on race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, or ethnicity, mental or physical disability, veteran status, parental status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


Employees (and their families) are eligible for medical, dental, vision, basic life and disability insurance. Employees can enroll in our company’s 401(k) plan and are provided vacation, sick and holiday pay.

Compensation Range:

$25.41 - $31.74

Pay Rate Type:


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